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Facts so surprising, they’re spooky! Just in time for Halloween.

Some insurers payout before you die:
This sounds strange because the point of a life insurance policy is to claim if the policy owner dies. However, if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness, some insurers allow you to claim before the event of death.

Once you’re covered you will definitely get a payout in the event of a claim:
If you get a life insurance policy, and fully disclose any health issues you have. It doesn't matter how many other complication you accumulate with your health you will always be covered. You do NOT have to disclose any other health problems after the first month of your policy being live. The only exception is if you develop any new health conditions within the first 30 days of your policy being live.


You can have multiple life insurance policies: ~
That’s right! As long as the insurers are willing to cover you, you are allowed to have multiple insurance polices. Afterall, life insurance policies are a benefit policy—you don’t have to have them, they are a luxury to have.

There is an age-limit for when you can get life insurance:  
You may already know that getting life insurance at the youngest age possible will be the cheapest option. However, what you might not know is that the older you get the harder it can become to get life insurance. As you get older it will become harder and harder to get a policy and eventually it will be impossible for you to take out a life insurance policy because of the risk for insurers. The age cap is different for every insurer, but it is around the age of 70 and above.