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As an insurance broker we want to ensure that our current and future clients have the easiest experience when shopping for life insurance. Here are a few common mistakes to AVOID when looking for a policy, hopefully  this will make your process of buying life insurance a lot easier!

Procrastinating: We are all aware of that the older we are, the more expensive our life insurance will be, because of the increased risk ofdeveloping health complications that come with age. You might be avoiding taking out a life insurance policy because it is a commitment for a long period of time. DO NOT HESITATE. Ring your insurance broker to get quotes, the quotes will be  the cheaper to get now rather than 5 years down the line.

Cancelling your current policy before taking out a new one: DO NOT DO THIS. If you intend to cancel your current policy for a newone, please wait until you are officially covered
by your new policy. Cancelling before your new policy is confirmed could leave you in a spot of bother if the new policy does not get accepted. This then has a knock on effect trying to reinstate your old policy and will cause complications with payments.